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raisbeck - refrigeration sales  service

Medisafe Biomedical 37 ULT Freezer

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Medisafe Biomedical 37 ULT is a purpose-built medical freezer designed for holding pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and other samples that require ultra-low temperatures down to -86°C. With a small footprint and front access, the Medisafe Biomedical 37 ULT is a perfect tabletop unit for use in laboratories and hospitals where easy access to samples is required.

The Medisafe Biomedical range of refrigerators and freezers prioritises temperature stability, device reliability and user-friendly operation to ensure contents are stored safely. BMS plugs are a standard feature on all Medisafe Biomedical devices allowing seamless integration into existing Building Management Systems. Additionally, the entire Medisafe Biomedical range consists of spark free devices. This allows for the safe storage of flammable or volatile products and gives the user confidence in other applications. Avem Quirks is happy to discuss specific applications to ensure the safest possible outcome.

The Medisafe Biomedical 37 ULT uses the environmentally friendly Nature R refrigerant, a proprietary mixture specifically designed for ultra-low temperature applications. The optional AQ Box Cloud Temperature Monitoring system is specifically designed for biomedical and medical applications. The AQ Box links to a remotely accessible web portal and acts as an automated data logger, allowing remote temperature reporting and alerts. This significantly reduces time spent recording minimum and maximum temperatures and minimises the risk of temperature breaches to samples.

Key Features

  • Dedicated 24-hour technical support
  • Digital temperature controller
  • BMS plug for remote alarm
  • Configurable alarms for temperature breach, open door, and power failure
  • Self-closing and lockable door
  • Low noise output
  • Automatic defrost
  • 24-month parts and labour warranty

Optional Extras

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply unit with battery back up
  • AQ Box Cloud Monitoring system – includes
    temperature reporting and SMS and email alerts
  • Comprehensive programmed maintenance

Accreditation and Approvals

  • QCPP cold chain accredited
  • TGA Approved

Product Specifications

Dimensions 650mm H x 630mm W x 675mm D
Gross Weight 70 kg
Gross Capacity 37L
Max no. 2ml Vials 3,300
Temperature Range -60°C to -86°C
Number of Shelves 1
Power Consumption/24 hrs 3.2 kWh
Refrigerant Nature R