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Bonvue Deli Cabinet FGDR1500LS


1500 mm wide
Front Opening Chilled Stainless Steel Deli Display
• LED lighting
• LED lighting on front
The LED lighting below the mullion on top of the front panel creates a compelling and attention getting response

• 2 to 5°C
• Compact self contained units
• ASPERA Compressor
• CAREL temp. controller with digital display
• Ambient 32ºC & 90% RH
• Ambient temp display shelf
• Allows full visibility of product display
• Specially designed venting prevents moisture build-up
• LED lighting for maximum sales impact
• Forced cooling for maximum efficiency
• Tempered glass for customer safety
• Rear storage compartment & wrapping area
• Auto defrost
• Automatic condensation evaporation
• Stainless Steel shelves
• easy to clean

This is the most attractive and presentable cabinet we have ever supplied
It is worth a serious look if you want the most eye-catching display

15 AMP Outlet Required